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Digital Art in The 21st Century

Digital 21st Century Art     digital 21st Century Art

Digital 21st Century Art     Digital 21st Century Art

Posted March 14, 2016             
Medium:  IT Art                      
                             Digital/Photographic Aritist:  Ms Crystal S Brown

All four (4) of the above images were created on my Galaxy Note III SmartPhone.  Im…

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 "... Loveman’s department store on Market Street in Chattanooga closed its doors in 1993 after almost a century in business, another victim of a nationwide decline in downtowns that hollowed out so many US towns. Now the opulent bu…

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Congratulations Mr. President

Spring has finally arrived as our new President has kept his "eye on the prize," and attained the passage of the new Health Care initiative.  Congratulations Mr. President!

Although the debate continues on both sides of the isle it is now apparent that we need to remind ourselves that America …

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Happy New Year-2010! Why am I Surprised?

Happy New Year-2010_ NYU-Why am I Surprised?

2010 began with me at New York University on New Year’s Eve afternoon: Why am I surprised?

When I began my studies at SCPS-NYU I possessed all the excitement, an enthusiasm of anyone embarking on a new adventure, or should I say returning to a very pr…

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