About Crystal, and her Online Gallery, "The Art Cove."

Welcome to, "The Art Cove,"  Crystal's online Gallery.  Enjoy your stay.

It is really wonderful to have this opportunity to share my creations with you, and to have you share your thoughts, comments, and critisisms with me.  It is a truly enriching experience, thank you. 

     For more than twenty years I've been involved in the art community in one way or another.  My formal education in the Arts began at Ophelia DeVore, NYC, Brooklyn College, and  culminated at New York University's SCPS  with a BA Degree, and is inclusive of performance art, art history, and web development, and design.

     As with most people of African American/American of African descent heritage--my formal training began at home, at church, and in my community before my academic training actually began.  I enjoy, and am passionate about music, art, and spending quality time with loved ones, and myself; as well as, reading and writing (where does one find the time!).

     Drawing, creating a painting, or taking a photograph for me is like capturing moments of time, and displaying the reflection for all to see, or preserving an image in a mirror.  These things can also be nerve racking when what you preceive isn't what you actually create, and you keep trying, and trying.  Then one day all of a sudden you sit down to the piano, key board, or with a paint brush, camera, or pencile in hand--and suddenly you have a master piece (the funny thing is--you may be the only one who thinks so).  In either case it is what I enjoy, among other things i.e., traveling, sight-seeing etc.

     Things are a bit hectic for me right now since I am attempting to accomplish several things within a relatively short period of time.  Not the least of which is publishing this web-site, my book, "The Estate (From The Inside Out) either on the web, or a publisher (maybe both).  Therefore, the only artistic endeavours I am able to engage in right now is a photograph here or there.  Hopefully I will be able to get back to my painting(s), and other artistic pursuits very soon.

     In the mean time stop by often and share your thoughts, and insights, and do tell a friend.


If you see a picture you would like to order  (for now)send an email to me at, artist@theartcove.org.


 Thank you

 Crystal S. Brown