Happy New Year-2010! Why am I Surprised?

Happy New Year-2010_ NYU-Why am I Surprised?

2010 began with me at New York University on New Year’s Eve afternoon: Why am I surprised?

When I began my studies at SCPS-NYU I possessed all the excitement, an enthusiasm of anyone embarking on a new adventure, or should I say returning to a very promising one. After the initial induction into campus life, i.e., welcome address, a social or two, I immediately began to browse around campus, mainly via internet. I subscribed to a number of seemingly interesting forums. A mature student-I felt subscribing to a forum would be the best way to ascertain the area of best fit in the realm of academia without sticking out like a sore thumb among what NYU calls, "Traditional Students (a term I dislike as it connotes subjectivity, duplicity, discrimination and/or ambiguity)."

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