Congratulations Mr. President

Spring has finally arrived as our new President has kept his "eye on the prize," and attained the passage of the new Health Care initiative.  Congratulations Mr. President!

Although the debate continues on both sides of the isle it is now apparent that we need to remind ourselves that America is comprised of  an intricate system of Jurisprudence, Democracy, and Freedom.  It has been said so many times before-this would be a very  boring world if everyone, looked alike, talked alike, walked alike, smelled alike, and yes thought alike:  Oh, how we like to boast about the diversity of our Free and Democratic Society-America.  However, the blight on American Society, and the Nation, as a whole, caused as a result of those who express their discontent of the results of a Democracy in Action, in ways that are in contravention of the Nation's System of Jurisprudence, and Democracy is not very Democratic, and it certainly isn't the connation of a Free Society--Which America is.

Allot of hard work, and sacrifice has gone into the making of America.  Although grievances still existing in our Society are far too numerous, complex, heart wrenching, and yes-unconscionable to lightly expound upon,  the methods, and processes designed, stated, and enumerated in our constitution and system of Jurisprudence mandates that we air our differences, and grievances in the appropriate designated venue(s); whereas, to do otherwise is anarchy. 

President Barack Obama has not only talked about the effectuatinon of change through the Democratic Process-he has demonstrated change through the Democratic Process.

Congratulations Mr. President.


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