Is 19th Century Art 21st Century Commentary?


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"The Scream"  Edvard Munch,

12 December 1863 – 23 January 1944: 

Symbolisim, and Expressionist

There is virtually very little (if any) dissention among Art Historians, and schloars in regards to the dark side of Expressionist, Edvard Munch, the 19th Century, painter, lithographer,etc.   Reportedly, the "Scream" is Munch's
most popular painting, and is part of a series titiled, "The Frieze of Life: (a Poem)"    Life,  love, and fear  are just a few themes explored in Munch's series.

Having had a pietistic upbringing, Munch accessed his most hidden emotions to exam  motiffs that he felt significant,  see,  "The Sick Child (1885), Love and Pain (1893–94), Ashes (1894)"...  ( Wikipedia , "").

Although Munch's work is deemed to allude to his inner demon's (to coin a phrase) somehow it seems to me that Munch's painting," The Scream," is a pretty accurate caricature of the state of our Global Society today : Isn't it a little funny that, "the more things change, the more they remain the same?" 

No more of the rectilinear  for Munch.  History tells us that his persona was like the colours of his palette congurant to  the flow of the tide behind him.   Like Munch's Symbolic self portriat, the Scream, is symbolic of  Global Society in the 21st Century:  Is there really a need to list the horrific perils of  each sector of our Global hemisphere for which all are screaming in oneway or another, i.e.,  diversity issues, environmental issues, economic issues, religious issues etc?  Have our personas been squelched to the point  that there is nothing left for us to do except "Scream?"

Perhaps if we all take a moment to "Scream" we can then begin the task of constructive resolution of the issues.