Digital Art in The 21st Century

Digital 21st Century Art     digital 21st Century Art

Digital 21st Century Art     Digital 21st Century Art

Posted March 14, 2016             
Medium:  IT Art                      
                             Digital/Photographic Aritist:  Ms Crystal S Brown

All four (4) of the above images were created on my Galaxy Note III SmartPhone.  Images 1, 3, and 4, (From upper left to right) were drawn in application on the phone with the stylus--Wow! Without pencile, paper, crayon, charcol, pastels, paints, etc.   In just the time it took for me to enjoy a cup of coffee, I completed image No.1.  Image No.2., is actually a photograph taken with my Smartphone and edited with the Photoshop Express and Pic Art Appss that came with my Smartphone.  No longer are artist, designers and developers...  tied to the desk top computer.  Whatever you are eperiencing at the moment you can capture and express it your way in todays digital age.
 The experts may say, "kid stuff" and they're probably right!  However, as for me it's still "Wow!"  It's not that these images are so fabulous in and of themselves, it is, however, the infinite possibilities of the things that can be done with just a little know how and imagination in just a few moments with the "Smartphont(s)" in todays 21st Century.    

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